The Ichwansyah Family


This website gives you a quick summary of the Ichwanyah family, mainly three peeple: my mum (Stella) and grandparents (Listianah and Stefanus). The Ichwansyah name comes from my grandfather's (Stefanus) middle name. Details are not clear on why our last name became my grandfather's middle name. I got my fathers last name instead (Hidayat) but I mostly identify myself with my mum's side of the family.

About me

I am the daughter of Stella and was born on the 17th of January 2005. I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia though I live in New Zealand. I have a younger brother who was born in 2012. I enjoy singing and baking thanks to my grandmother. I am also interested in bullet journaling and arts & crafts. I have a scar on my forehead from hitting the corner of a freezer when I was 5. I, like the rest of my family, have grown up being a catholic having been baptised when I was a baby. I can speak Indonesian and know some Japanese vocab thanks to my aunt.

My culture

My family is from Indonesia though we do have some Chinese in our ancestry from my grandfather's side. My aunt, who married into the family, is Japanese so two of my cousins are also part Japanese. Most of my family live in Indonesia and it is mainly my grandmother's children's families who live here.

Arriving to New Zealand

The first person to arrive was my uncle, Marcel (oldest son of Listianah and Stefanus, brother to Stella). He arrived in 1997 by plane. We (my mum, grandparents and I) came in 2007 when I was 2.

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