Stella is the youngest and only daughter of Listianah and Stefanus. She has two older brothers (my uncles), William and Marcel who both also live in New Zealand and have a family of their own. She was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. As a child, her home was not the best but it was clean and had a happy environment. She was a quiet child, though naughty during her years in high school. She also learnt to play the organ during this time though cannot anymore. TV and newspaper were her only source of world news when she was younger.

Some of her hobbies were:

An important part of her life though is her religion. She grew up in a Catholic family which creates a big impact in her life. It has made her a better person, believing in God and trying to follow his teachings. She remains faithful to her religion today and has spread the word of the God to her children (my brother and I).

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