Stefanus is the father of Stella (making him my grandfather) and husband of Listianah. He has 5 siblings and is the oldest. He was neighbours with Listianah and had a slightly better home than her. But like everyone else, had a clean and happy environment. At a young age, he was very smart. He moved up from year 2 straight to year 4 (based on Indonesian school years. Kids start year 1 when they are 7 years old). And when Listianah struggled with her algebra, he taught her as algebra was his strength. His parents spoke more Chinese than Indonesian and it is beacuse his great-grandfather was Chinese that we have Chinese ancestry (no one is exactly sure who was Chinese but Stefanus's great-grandfather is most likely to have been). Like Listianah, he also had a radio which is how he heard world news from.

Some of his hobbies were:

Stefanus was, like Listianah, born into a catholic famiy and therefore is a catholic. He did not go to a catholic school like Listianah but believed in God and tries to follow God's teachings.

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