Listianah is the mother of Stella (therefore my grandmother) and wife of Stefanus. She is the oldest of 6 siblings (though one died after birth). Her family was poor and their house wasn't exactly the best. But the most important thing was that it was clean and she lived there happily with her family. For water, they had to use the well outside their house. It was a pretty big well, about 2 metres in diameter. They used bamboo to cook rice and Listianah had to help take care of her siblings. She had to quit school when she was 16 because her family could no longer afford to pay for her school fees. She would only hear world news through neighbours or from school, her only technology at home being a radio.

Listianah also went to a catholic school (before she quit at 16) as her family was Catholic. Being catholic meant she believed in God and like everyone else in our family, tried to follow the God's teachings. She also enjoyed joining choir where they sang church songs about God.

Some of her hobbies were:

Her earliest memory was mainly during her birthdays, which were the only time she could eat chicken. She also still remembers her grandparents, mainly the time where she would stay at her grandmother's where she would pretend to make Gado Gado (a vegetable salad with tofu and peanut sauce).

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